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Here are two new editorials to set your modeling career on the right path. The first is called Luck and Obsession and it deals with defining obsession and learning how to get yourself obsessed with success. The second is called Is Vanity Fair? - The Truth About Modeling Scams and as the title suggests it is about model industry scams however the story blames vanity as much as the scammers so it is quite different then what you may have expected.
Mon 11 May 10:30PM        Andrew Richard Presents Fashionable Editorials

Miss World Beauty Pageant USA 2010 and Beyond?
Andrew Richard former Director for Miss Florida World and Miss New York World ...
I want to bring back the Miss World Beauty Pageant to the United States. After a decade of Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss America I want to take Miss World to the highest level possible in entertainment related global beauty pageantry. Where are you Miss World USA !!!!
Thu 16 April 9:00AM        Million Dollar Model Productions

I've had an interest in beauty pageants for a long time now. I think pageants are a great way to indirectly get modeling jobs, get acquainted with new people in the industry, and break into a world you know little or nothing about. In fact a good pageant coach or director can take you places you have never been before. Here's a brief look at why pageants are great and how pageants can do a lot for your career. ...
Sat 12 November 9:45       Andrew Richard Presents Fashionable Editorials

Download a copy of my head sheet. Its kind of like a mini collage poster you can print and hang on your wall or put in a scrap book. Lots of celebrities, cool images or million dollar models andsome of my most memorable moments throughout my career.
Wed 12 November 9:00        Million Dollar Models Collage

I've always wanted to include a page that contains the comments and reviews of my work written by viewers. So finally I am starting with a few cool tags left by people on the Model Mayhem web site. I don't know how deserving I really am, but what else can we use to judge our own work if not for the words of others. So to you guys who contributed all I can say is thanks. It means a lot to me. ...
Sat 17 June 10:45        Million Dollar Model Reviews

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