The Riviera Collection by Wonderbra

Wonderbras  evening of cabaret and excitement transported us to a world of  Monte Carlo casinos and secret agent movies. Secret agent 34B, Sarah Ohara matched wits against her cunning and sexy rival Maud Adams from the underworld organization N.O.B.R.A. to save her secret Agent Man from certain doom...
As guests sipped Yellow Wonderbra Martinis they gambled away their wonderbucks at a high stakes baccarat. blackjack, or roulette table. Ravishing models, suspense, secret agents, magicians, and can can dancers all added to a simple wearable and lavishly glamoruous product line, which could have otherwise been forgotten.

The product line for the Fall season includes some Wonderbra noteables as the Monaco, Savona, St. Tropez, and San Remo bra and bikini sets.  From demibras and underwires, to longline backless strapless, and the seamless lift Jacquard Bra, no bra was alone and without a matching and original bottom to round off the looks.