The Riviera Collection by Wonderbra

Wonderbra brings us the lovely Maude Adams Star of James Bond film Octopussy and The Man With The Golden Gun, to stimulate our senses. After looking at those eyes, and that body I have to wonder how can a woman live without a full collection of Wonderbras.

The models for tonights show were supplied by Aline Souliers, Click, Elite, Wilhelmina, and Zoli all of which were great, and some with supermodelchik style.

Because we were not invited backstage for this show, This was the only flaw in tonights venue. With no opportunity for the models to be recognized for their abilities, they become just another bunch of nameless pretty faces and bodies to fill the clothing.

We are dissapointed that we did not have an opportunity to interview the models, and we wont go to the next show if the models names are not given as credits on the product brochure.