Here are a few faces you may see often and not nkow too much about.
The model on the left is Marianna from Elite Runway Division. Marianna is a top
New York Model who can be seen on practically every major designer catwalk today.
I think she is the best. She's appeared in many of my features from
Nicole Miller, to you guessed it -Wonderbra..

The face on the right is Catherine Mogull.

Catherine is a positive, sparkling, brilliant person who is not only a charm to speak
with, but is a delight to see on the New York Catwalks.... She is also the New York liason for Extra,
and has one of the toughest careers in America.

You've seen Catherine all over this web site, and thats because we love her.
Catherine walks many of the best runways in New York, and does interviews before and after her shows....
I think it's time someone interviewed Catherine...
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