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Finally a word about clothes and creativity.

The model on the previous page is Jacqueline. She is wearing a cool feathered hat yes, but the sunglasses are those five dollar ones, and the coat she bought in a second hand store. She actually didnt have any clothes with her for this shoot as she wasnt even supposed to be in it. but when we needed her she slapped together the outfit above, smeared on the five dollar lipdtick, and its become one of my favorite shots.

Total cost maybe 20 bucks.

The model a left is Lena. Lena only had regular street clothes with her but I knew she was a great model, so with some quick thinking we threw on an old headband, made a skirt and a blouse from some leather scraps, and put her in front of a great background. Again one of my favorite shots.

Total cost...Maybe 5 bucks.

I hope you use these examples to fuel your own imagination. Create your own success instead of waiting for someone to create it for you.

Photography by Andrew Richard
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