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Glam Books

There's no better way to create a great presentation than to have a pro head shot as the leading image in your portfolio, or on the front of your composite card.

My primary goal here is not only to offer you a few valid suggestions on completing a stunning pro book, but also to give you a few pointers on what not to do, or what not to include in your new or updated portfolio.

One of the biggest misconceptions a model can have is the idea that they need to stuff their books with as many images as they can possibly fit into a twenty page portfolio book. I think that ten great images will blow away another models book with 40 images back to back cover to cover. The reason is that many people simply will not spend the time needed to really look closely at every image.

There is one thing I can't stand... and that's a sloppy book. Neatness, clean images, a few good theme shots and maybe a little bit of an unusual twist is all you really need.  

I love youth, and so does the camera. Regardless of your age you can find a youthful grin and a cheerful glance, that will put that teen gleam in your eyes.

You must also send out your shots to everyone. Don't let them sit at home. Get them out in the mail, scan them, put them up on your site, and email them out.

Head shots for Million Dollar Models©

Long Necks - Elegant Hairstyles - Simple Jewelry

I think many of you who have had a great deal of modeling experience will know that great eyes, a great long neck and pink pouty lips can make your face as sweet as a movie star. 

Stretch out that neck, tilting the head just slightly, and centering your eyes on the lens. Try not to center your face, that will look boring and staged.

Often while doing close ups of the face I have the model look directly into my lens at just the right angle until she can see her own reflection in the glass. By maintaining a glassy gaze your eyes will water slightly giving the impression of sustained emotion, deep concentration, and attitude.

Fashionable jewelry is always a welcome addition to a great face. But don't overdo it. Simple studs, or a diamond pendant are terrifically sexy, sweet and elegant, but a gold neck chain will cheapen your image. Necklaces will actually create a smaller neckline. I try not to use them at all when shooting. 

If you must wear a necklace wear something very thin. I like a little glitter and so I prefer white gold or Silver.

Head shots for Million Dollar Models©

Your Sweet Emotion

There's no better way to convey emotion than to truly feel that emotion in your heart. Think of the worst of times, the best of times, and the times when you're so alone in your heart that you can barely keep from crying.

A sweet scent like fresh flowers, suntan lotion, or your favorite lip gloss will trigger your emotions and give your look authenticity. Bring along those flowers, wear that lip gloss, and throw in some of that lotion in your styling bag before you leave home.

Use your emotion to exude sophistication, style, class, and the glam you've already got inside you.

Invest in a great makeup artist. It will show. Use your best day look. Stay away from overdone evening colors. A youthful sensitive look  is always more charming than a dark moody look. 

Finally make sure that every casting director, agency, television network and personal manager has a copy of your million dollar head shot!

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