Back in Wardrobe, we spent a little time talking with the models prior to the show. Its tough to remember all the great models at Nazaroff, as there were so many.

The notables were of course Ivanka, and Heidi Klum, who I think is one of the best models in New York. There was Tricia Helfer Ralph Lauren model,who also happens to be with Elite.

If Im not mistaken Nil from Karin, Marnie Herald from American, Eve from IM New York, and Tracy Trinita from Elite were all doing the catwalk tonight as well.

The model however that we were most interested in tonight was Catherine Mogull, who I was talking with for five minutes or so, and not knowing who she was. I knew the face but just coulnd pin her down.

Heres why... In this image you can see Catherine with Heidi, and you guessed it she is a brunette. I love Catherine as a brunette, or even if her hair was green, but Catherine is a blonde, and thats all there is to it.

Because I know you are reading this Catherine, I wont tell you how bad that hair was, but no matter how bad it was, your eyes always sparkle.

Photography by Andrew Richard
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