Photo By Andrew Richard

The only question we had to deal with as a press, and at the same time a model management company was the issue of Ivanka Trump.

Ivanka is a model who we would like to see on the runways more often both for the couture market and in the missy styles. She is young and has a fresh face and we applaud Nazaroff for choosing her from Elite.

We question however her image as the young starlett, and we dont agree with Nazaroffs choice of wardrobe for Ivanka. What we were looking forard to as a great lead model turned out to be a bit of a disappointment based on the dull brown garments, and heavy head ornamentation she walked in.

The color just wasnt her, and we left feeling sure that Ivanka could have been given a better chance.

Photo By Andrew Richard

Ivanka is a celebrity model and like many celebrities who have not had a chance to make it on their own merit, she seemed somewhat out of place. Now you think Im kidding you right. Modeling this type of venue requires nerves of steel, and an attitude that wont quit. There were so
many photographers at this show, every twitch of an eyebrow will wind
up on some newspaper somewhere.

You need to have the professional modeling background of runway walking, and shows that have large audiences to even begin to imaging how difficult this is. Thats why Andrew Richard is pro-model... We know how tough it is.

Ivanka would have looked better and felt more comfortable if she was in something a little more youthful, and bright. All this aside we applaud Nazaroff for the use of Ivanka...

Photography by Andrew Richard
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