The New York Public Library is on 42nd street and 5th Avenue. Its one of those places that the old world meets the new, where sophistication meets historical New York culture.

Shooting a runway down the middle of the lobby was a great setting for Elena. The models were pleased with great dressing areas, and a spacious setting for Nazaroff, crowded only with buyers, press and walls of books.

We love the attention to detail that Elena shows in her creations. The see thru evening gowns with dreamy floral prints that shows a beautiful, cultured and elegant flair.

The line is wearable and the dresses have a longevity that will outshine and outlast any trend or fad. The nature of haute couture is to do as others have not, and see what others cannot. Nazaroffs vision of beauty, her use of ivy and florals, and her styling is far from the rack dress you may be accustomed to.

Ready to wear yes, but off the shelf, not even close.We find the line appealing for its flexibility, uniqueness, and inspirational artistry.

Photography by Andrew Richard
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